Water Reuse - Car Wastewater Treatment & Water Reuse


Car wash effluent consists of many pollutants like Free Oil & Grease (FOG), Surfactants & Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). There can be some particulate matter also as a result of floor washing water getting mixed with care wash effluent. A treatment for this effluent is at best tricky & treatment scheme needs to be decided carefully. The treatment depends upon the treatment goals which can be described as below:

  1. Effluent discharge to Sewer
  2. Effluent recycle for Car wash
  • The treatment scheme in first case would entail FOG removal, COD reduction to achieve values well below the statutory limits and TSS removal for polishing. The scheme can be a Oil & Grease trap before the Effluent Storage Tank (Equalisation Tank) – DAF – AOP- PSF – ACF.
  • For recycling of water, Ultrafiltration unit would be needed to remove all the suspended matter instead of Filters.

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